Tips For Selling Property This Summer

Whether you have dreams of owning your own home or acquiring a property for investment purposes, there are many things that you will need to know to realise your real estate expectations. Buying a property is most likely to be the most expensive one-time purchase any of us will make in our lifetimes. It’s also a financial commitment which is usually long-term since some mortgages last up to 30 years. Even if you are lucky enough to already own a home, then you may be thinking of upgrading to a larger property. In this case, you will need to do your research carefully and decide what it is you are wanting in this transition from your present home to the new.

Factors of Selling

There are many factors which you need to consider, before you decide to put the property on the market.

  1. The first of these factors will be the market itself. Is this an appropriate time to sell in order realise the asking price? It may be, as is the case right now, that consumer confidence has dipped a little as well as availability of financing. Banks are not dishing out 100 percent loans to everyone anymore.
  2. Another factor to consider will be the time of year. If you are indeed wanting to sell your house during the summer months, it will be rather optimistic to expect a rush of prospective buyers in December or January as this is the time when most families are on their summer holidays. Even the clientele who are not sunning themselves on a beach somewhere, it’s not guaranteed they will want to be trawling around a stranger’s house with 3 small children attached as the mercury rises.
  3. That said, if you are selling in the summer, it will be important to source the right real estate agents to affect a reasonable chance of selling your property in a timely manner. Do some research as to their success factors and don’t just assume that the most expensive and plush offices are the best. Many times, you will find that a good real estate agent can be found online and are just as effective as walking into the high street. Also make sure you’re finding one that has expertise in your area, like a real estate agent in Cambridge who specialises in homes there.

Summer Selling

In terms of hoping to sell in the summer, there other aspects which you as a homeowner will need to consider. One of these is appearance. People tend to notice the scruffy driveways or uncut grass during the summer months as this is the time when people can linger outside without freezing to death. Be prepared, tidy up and trim what needs to be trimmed. Gardens are a huge focal point in any property and this in turn equates to a major selling point. Having a showcase garden with outdoor furniture on display will only heighten to add to the welcoming ambience.

Let them see that this is a place they can feel at home. This will also mean a lot of decluttering and making many of your personal items a little less visible. A potential buyer wants to be able to visualise and imagine it being their home. This will require the property to be somewhat neutral. If the paint on your walls leaves a lot to be desired, then go out and buy some inoffensive emulsion and start brushing!

A good point to note is that properties tend to sell for a higher asking price in the summer than they do in the winter. This should be kept in mind and further justifying the points above.

Option after Sale

Now say you are lucky and you manage to sell your home after the first handful of viewings. Great right? Well this is a fantastic result but what if you haven’t secured your next home or the home owners are not yet able to complete on the deal. A situation like this will potentially leave you without a roof over your head. However, there are options to consider if you ever find yourself in this predicament.

Firstly, there is the option of moving in with family members if you have a good enough relationship. No? Ok, well that leaves the next and probably more feasible option of sourcing a short-term rental property. This is clearly going to cost you money but not nearly as much as the cost for the same duration in a very average hotel room.

The best way to acquire a short-term rental property would be to approach your local Wellington rental property management company and peruse what’s available immediately. Most reputable landlords will hopefully use some form of rental property manager in Wellington whereby any deposit you put down will ultimately be safe. This mean that you will get it refunded to you at the end of agreement assuming there are no damages. Always make sure you take a couple of pictures of the state of the place before and after.

You should only really have to rent a property during the property transition phase as a last resort. It would be hoped that your property solicitor and the whole team of Auckland conveyancing lawyers in general have done their jobs efficiently to avoid this situation.

Even if you don’t have to move into temporary accommodation, during the transition phase, you will also want to try to avoid same day completions or completions on a Friday. The latter could potentially leave you with the problem of having to wait till the following Monday before any funds get released into your bank account.

Most property solicitors in Auckland and all over NZ will want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and it’s important to maintain dialogue with them.

Other notes to think about

If you’ll be selling your property after you’ve already moved out, make sure you’re considering the safety of the property. Installing home alarms in Wellington is a good idea to prevent any damage or illegal activity on the property.

For investment property owners, especially those who own apartment buildings or townhouses, look into who you’re potentially selling to. You may need to sell specifically to a body corporate administration, depending on local legal and financial obligations.


In addition to all the above, one of the most important things is that you always try to stay calm and focused. Buying and selling homes are not the most pleasurable experiences in the world but with forward planning and patience, you will find that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Know your target market and choose your optimum time. This hopefully will mean you are clutching the keys to your new home before you know it.

Supply of Auckland rentals drops 35%

The number of rental properties coming on and off the Auckland market is down 35 per cent compared to December 2016 and rental prices in the region are up 3.9 per cent, according to the latest Trade Me Property Rental Index.

Making property dreams come true

When it comes to property, clearly defined goals, such as saving for a deposit or buying a first home, are easy to set. With planning and perseverance, you’re more likely to achieve them in 2018.

Living tiny

It may just be the small solution to one of New Zealand’s big problems, and it can cost as little as $50,000.

How To Take Advantage Of The Summer House Selling Season

Summer is the hottest season of the year in more ways than one. Blockbuster movies make their debut, huge summer hits fill the radio stations, and the nearest beaches fill up with sun lovers soaking up the warmth. When it comes to your property investments or your own home, summer happens to also be one of the best times to sell.

With school out and a little more time to spend as a family, many people are on the hunt for a new home that suits their needs. Property management companies are managing a huge influx of new tenants wanting to move in or move out, especially with students entering or leaving university. To help you get ready for this crazy time, and to best take advantage of it without wearing yourself too thin, we’ve put together a quick guide to selling a home this summer.  

Suit up

Having the right team will help your house get on the market faster, sell faster, and get you into your new property faster. Even if you’re moving investment properties around, you’ll still want the best property managers in Wellington or wherever you’re from in New Zealand to help you. There’s a few different people who should be on your team before the selling season kicks off. For one, having the right realtor is vital. Find one who’s familiar and experience in your area, like having a real estate agent in Cambridge for example if you’re trying to sell in that area.

Property conveyancing is important in NZ as well, especially when it comes down to any legal advice, wording with the contract conditions like a sale and purchase agreement, or dealing with banks and loans. They’ll also prepare everything for you, making it quick and easy when you’re ready to sell the property.

It’s all too common that when a buyer puts down an offer, you eventually lose them, or vice versa, because of paperwork not being completed on time or correctly. Once again, find property lawyers in Auckland or whatever town your property is in. They’ll have better knowledge of your area’s council and special rules more than anyone.

If you’re selling an investment property or apartment building, you should look into using a residential property management company to help you appraise and determine its worth. This will help you with pricing later on.

Price it right the first time

Setting your house at the right price is of paramount importance. Set it too low and you’ll lose out on the worth of your home, too high and you run the risk of not being able to sell at all, or taking all summer to sell. At the same time, setting a price at a perfect medium, or even on the low side, may cause more bidders which can help drive up the price anyway.

To set the right price, do your research on what other homes in the area are going for. Consider the age of your home, any renovations done, and what the future of the neighborhood looks like. Use this guide to try and figure out what your neighborhood’s future might be. Try and dig a little deeper and look at houses that haven’t sold, and see if you can figure out why they aren’t. Many times it’s something as simple as having poor photographs advertising the home, or having a bad real estate agent.

Pricing is also a lot easier when you have a realtor or other expert to help, since they have the industry knowledge and years of experience of what sells and what doesn’t.

Sell early

Try and get your home up for sale at the beginning of the summer season. This way, your house is looked at right away when buyers start looking at the market. Summer goes quick, and near the end of the season families will be sending their kids back to school and less likely to buy. Even though it’s not a fair judgement, many buyers may worry about your home if it’s been on the market for a while, and may avoid it altogether.

Be technology savvy

Today’s home markets are all about technology these days. Remember the olden days of looking at houses in the newspaper, or even, driving around looking for ‘for sale’ signs? Those days are all but gone now. If you’re thinking about selling your home yourself, you need to be on top of the technology game. Many homes for sale are now not only on websites, but apps as well. In fact, many buyers are turning towards apps more than ever. Make sure you have professional photos that really show off your home and open up the space to add to the app or website.

Something like a virtual tour is a great idea to let people see the flow of your home without needing an open house. Virtual tours can be a video tour or even just photos moving through your home with descriptions on each one. 360 photos and panoramic photos will show how rooms connect and where hallways go as well.

If you are also putting up a for sale sign in the front yard, you might want to consider installing security cameras for your Wellington home, or any other larger cities. For sale signs sometimes invite local crime to scope the place out, as you may not be living there or wouldn’t notice things gone missing. You’ll want to avoid that serious added stress of theft, crime or vandalism, and the price of installation will often be worth it.

Jumping on the summer house selling season is a great way to get your property on the market and off your hands quickly and easily. It comes with its fair share of stress, but with the right team and with the right price, the stress will be completely worth it!