Unprecedented vacancy rates for industrial Hamilton

In part one of our series covering the heat on industrial property in Hamilton, GILL DAVIS spoke to a couple whose confidence in the local market saw them build a light-industrial building without the safety net of a confirmed tenant. This week she delves further into the potential within Frankton’s industrial scene.

No more gouging renters as letting fees to go

Tenants will no longer have to pay hefty letting fees when renting a new home under a bill introduced to Parliament today.

The bill will make it illegal for letting agents or landlords to charge a letting fee, and allows for damages of up to $1000.

Napier to get new hotel?

Napier’s PwC building may soon be home to 52 serviced apartments run by Sebel Hotel.

Thackeray Trust has obtained a certificate of compliance from Napier City Council to redevelop the building, currently used as commercial offices, for use as serviced apartments by the Sebel Hotel.

State housing’s big reveal

The future of state housing in Porirua features private landscaped sections, double glazing and balconies.

Housing NZ is preparing to seek building consent to build 24 one-bedroom, 20 two-bedroom, four four-bedroom and five five-bedroom houses along Castor Cres in Cannons Creek.

Top Tips To Beat The Competition For A Rental Property

When considering moving it is worth getting some basic knowledge of what is required. If you Google terms such as residential property lawyers, rental properties, rental property market news or conveyancing services, you will see lots of information about how the sales and rental markets work. This is useful even if you are renting and not buying a property as it shows you are fully aware of the process that takes place.

As you will be aware, the competition is fierce when it comes to rental properties so the above research will make sure that you are in a good starting position when it comes to being the chosen tenant for a property.

We will now also provide you with more hot tips to help convince NZ, and hard to convince Wellington rental managers, that you are the right tenant for your chosen property.

  •        Study the Ad

The first thing that you need to be sure of is that the property is what you are after and that it is in your price range. Use Google maps so that you can do is search of the property and the neighbourhood as this may highlight something that does not appeal to you which will prevent time wastage i.e. size of garden, house alarms in Wellington, proximity to the road etc. See if you can find out if the place offers body corp services as well. You’ll then need to find the property agent to proceed with the following steps.

  •        Your Application

You need to make sure that your application is solid if you want to secure the tenancy. An idea would be to add a personal touch and go above and beyond when mentioning details. Aside of providing previous rental history and employment details you could also include a covering letter and a photograph. Additionally, send an individual email to the Hawke’s Bay property management team, or wherever you’re searching, to help you to stand out from everyone else. Finally pay attention to spelling or handwriting where it is relevant.

  •        Credit Checking

Be prepared to be credit checked. If you decide that you wish to withdraw your application then you need to let the agent know to avoid wasting time and costs.

  •        Rental Resume

This is particularly important if you are looking to rent in an area where the competition is high. Have your rental resume to hand so that you can apply for the property straightaway. Your resume needs to include the following details:

–          Information about yourself

–          Your education

–          Your rental history

–          Your job/Salary

–          Anybody else that will be living with you

–          Contact details and References

If you have your resume printed and ready then you will show the landlord your interest and hopefully that will help to put to you at the top of the list.

  •        The Importance of Referees

Referees are very important. Try and obtain a reference from your employer as well as a previous landlord. Another option would be a reference from a person of good standing such as a doctor, teacher or a past estate agent that you have had dealings with. Make sure that you inform referees that they may receive a call.

  •        Punctuality

If you are that person who comes rushing in 10 minutes late, that is hardly going to make a good impression. The kind of impression that you are looking to make is one that is memorable. Try and be the first person waiting outside the property so that you are ready to greet the Cambridge real estate agent with a warm, friendly smile.

  •        Dress Appropriately

When you go to a rental inspection you need to make sure that you look your best. As much as we would like to believe that this is not relevant with regards to choosing a tenant, it makes perfect sense why a landlord would choose a presentable looking tenant as opposed to one who has not made any effort. By this we do not mean that you should not be yourself, but just think wisely about how you dress on the day. You need to dress neatly and not over the top and perhaps try and look professional in your dress sense.

  •        Honesty

It is not worth lying about anything such as, housemates, your salary or any pets. If you have a black mark on your resume then you need to be completely honest about it. No doubt a landlord will appreciate your honesty.

  •        Charm

Although you may find a rental inspection daunting, it really is the time to try and put your best foot forward. Speak to the agent and maybe even make general conversation such as how did they become an estate agent etc. At the end of the day people love to talk about themselves and if you take the time to listen it could favour your application.

  •        Desirability

Always highlight all the aspects that make you the tenant to choose. Try and mention things that show how capable you are of maintaining and improving the property such as, your love of gardening or any trade skills that you may have. Also, show your reliability and that you are good with money.

  •        Deposits

If a property has been approved it does not mean that the property will be held for you.  If you do not have your deposit or rental bond ready then, your application could be put aside and the agent could move on to the next application. To avoid this scenario, make sure that you do not delay payment of your deposit.

With all of the above in mind, you now need to step back and put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. Landlords want tenants who will pay the rent on time and look after their property. Make sure that you and your application comes across as the kind of tenant that you, as a landlord, would want in your property.

155 new state homes

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced that up to 155 new state houses in the regions will be ready by June this year.

The houses will be spread across 15 regional centres, with Napier/Hastings getting almost 50.