Easy Ways To Ward Off Burglars

If you’ve been stolen from before, whether it’s your home that’s been burgled, or if you’ve been pickpocketed on the street, you know how horrible it feels. Not only do you feel stressed and worried about your credit cards or precious personal items, but you also probably feel violated at a stranger being in your private space. Some people are even burgled while they’re at home, asleep in their beds, which is even more terrifying. 

Whether any of these have happened to you before, or if you’ve managed to stay burglar free, it’s important that you focus on prevention. Nothing can be done about what’s already happened, but you can potentially prevent it from happening again. Plus, it’s important to learn from any mistakes, like not having motion sensors at night, or not having a good security system. Today we’re focussing on some of the easiest things you can do right now to ward off burglars. While it’s not a comprehensive list, you’ll feel more at ease by implementing even one of these tips. 

Security systems 

Without a doubt, one of the best ways, and really one of the easiest ways, to ward off burglars is to install a security system. There’s plenty out there that once you install, it’s like a set it and forget it system, and you really don’t need to worry about it going forward. Home alarm systems are some of the most common security systems, and the simplest. Essentially, a home alarm will send a signal to the monitoring station it’s attached to, and if not answered or turned off by yourself within a set time, will send emergency services to your home.  

One deterrent for installing a security system is cost. While your safety is always a priority, many people can’t justify the monthly costs for monitoring. One way to help justify is to find a system that does several things in one. For example, several systems also include smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and can send emergency services to your home if they go off without you responding. Something like this could possibly save your home from burning down in case of a fire, or save a life from carbon monoxide poisoning. There are some DIY security systems available too, but remember they won’t be as comprehensive with the support and probably won’t provide instant emergency services. 


This is another option that you could add to your security system. We recommend posting a few obvious signs near doors and windows that CCTV is being used, which in itself can be a deterrent. Even fake CCTV cameras can help as well, as many burglars state that CCTV cameras are one of the main deterrents that put them off from choosing a particular house.  

Smart technology

Another good deterrent is having your home connected with smart technology. We’re talking about things like video doorbells and smart lighting. Video doorbells when pressed will connect to your smartphone, giving you a live view of who is at your door. Burglars will sometimes press a doorbell to find out if anyone answers or is home. This will allow you to speak through the doorbell to ward them off. 

Smart lighting will allow you to turn off and on lights from your smartphone app, which is great to control while you’re on holiday in Spain, or even if you just forgot to turn a lamp off during the day while at work. There are also lighting systems that get to know your patterns, and will mimic them while you’re away, such as turning on the lounge light in the evening, then a lamp in your bedroom before bed. This is a great way to signal to potential burglars that you are possibly at home, versus a traditional light timer. 

Other things to consider: 

Posting holiday photos 

This one is a big no-no in today’s day and age. It’s extremely easy for burglars to track down your social media pages, especially with location tracking on many apps and the ease of hacking into personal information. This means that when you’re on your holiday in Paris and posting those photos about your trip in real time, everyone who has access to your account knows that you aren’t currently home, which makes you a prime target. Do your best to wait and post holiday pictures until you’re home to avoid this. 


While it might seem a bit old school, dogs continue to be a great security system against burglars. Many burglars have reported that they will avoid a house to break into because they hear a dog barking. The positive of this is that you could potentially have even a small, completely non-threatening pup, but as long as it barks when a door is rattled or knocked on, you’re in business! If you want more of a security dog that looks a bit more imposing than a little shih-tzu, for example, try one of these breeds

When Moving 

Unfortunately, this super stressful time of moving your entire house can mean that you are also a prime target for getting burgled. It’s absolutely vital that you pay attention to your current home and new home’s security while you’re moving, especially if it will take you a few days to complete. 

When you’re moving furniture and other belongings to a truck outside, anyone scouting the neighbourhood will know that your current home may be unsupervised while you move it to the next location. Consider using a furniture moving company to speed up the process and ensure everything is moved quickly and safely. If you can’t move everything in one day, or moving long distance, consider using a shipping container transport system to keep your belongings safe. 

Consider implementing all or at least a few of these easy ways to ward off burglars to keep you, your family and your home safe from break-ins.