The Reality Of Moving – The Good, The Bad And The Just Plain Stressful

Moving into a new home produces a myriad of emotions. Some of us are extremely sad about leaving our previous location, and perhaps it’s a big change that causes a lot of stress. While others of us are beyond excited to purchase that land for sale and begin building the home of our dreams. Maybe we’ve even been packing for months awaiting this day!

The truth is, there will always be good, bad and ugly in the moving process, regardless of your level of excitement for the whole thing. We’re naming the best and the worst bits, but also giving you some tips for both so you aren’t left hanging.


  • Getting to start over: We humans love a fresh start. Sometimes our lives can get a bit stale and boring, but moving can freshen everything up, just like that. We get a new chance at life, really, with a new neighbourhood and new walls to decorate. It’s a great time to change other things in our lives as well, as we might be more motivated and inspired.
  • Getting rid of stuff: Nothing sobers us up faster than the site of a million boxes filled to overflowing with our things. Packing boxes up to the moving day often inspires us to get rid of things that we’ve forgotten about since the last time we moved, or worse, kept for years on years in a box we’ve never touched! Try some Marie Kondo tips to really get you going on purging things that don’t spark joy.  
  • Exploring new places: Who knows what adorable cafe is around the corner, or a new running path you get to check out? Exploring a new area is one of the best parts about moving, and even if it isn’t a new area, you’re still getting to re-explore and change up your routine.

Tips for enjoying the good:

  • Take photos: Snap a few photos of your old home for the scrapbook, and photos of the moving process as well. This is the start of a new chapter, and it’s always lovely to look back on in the future.


  • Damaged things: Everyone knows how sad it is to get to your new house and realise that prized picture frame broke, or you’ve cracked a whole bunch of dishes.
  • Bad weather for the move: Unless you’ve moved house in the rain before, you really don’t know how terrible the moving day can be! We definitely take for granted a good day for moving until the worst happens to us.  
  • Packing up your life when you still need to use it: If you’ve moved a few times, you know what it’s like to try and figure out what you can pack and won’t need before moving day. It’s nearly inevitable that you’ll pack a few kitchen items only to desperately need them a few days later, and not be able to find them!  

Tips for making it not as bad

  • Use good packing materials: Many of us think we can get by with carelessly packing up our belongings, but it’s just not worth the possible loss if something breaks in transit. It’s much better to be careful the first time around than lose something precious. Buy solid packing boxes and bubble wrap to keep everything safe. Plastic tubs can also be a good investment, especially if you’ll be moving in bad weather.
  • Pack slowly and thoughtfully: Always pack things like knicknacks, books, off season clothing and picture frames/paintings first, and then slowly pack the rest of your house. Pack these things well in advance so you’ll be less stressed closer to moving day.


  • Kids not adapting well: Kids are surprisingly resilient, but sometimes it takes a while for them to get used to their new school or neighbourhood. They may also be mourning the loss of their old neighbourhood friends, or their favourite hangout.
  • Bad movers: We admit, this isn’t very likely to happen, but it is possible. Every once in a while you hear a story about movers who run off with your things and demand a ransom to be returned, but getting in touch with the police is your first step and allowing them to handle the situation is best. Some movers may not be as careful with your things as you like, or carelessly handle your prized possessions. Avoid this by looking for highly rated and professional furniture movers whenever possible.
  • Things aren’t quite as they seemed: It happens to the best of us. Sometimes when we view a flat or house, we see it in a certain rose coloured glasses rather than reality. Maybe we misread the building report on that piece of commercial property for sale, or didn’t take it seriously. If you didn’t have a list with you while viewing places, you might have not even noticed that the new house didn’t have any storage, or you saw the place at night and didn’t realise it gets no natural light.

Tips for making it less stressful

  • Stay positive: Moving takes a lot out of us, and it can sometimes take a month or two to get used to the new surroundings. Kids adapt quickly, and even if they aren’t happy about the move, if you stay positive and employ some of these tricks, they’ll be making new friends just like that.
  • Adapt to the undesirable: While you can’t change the amount of natural light you get, you can change the lighting. Things like limited storage and closet space can be mitigated by buying fashionable wardrobes and shelves, so don’t give up on the new place just yet!

Overall, remember that you aren’t alone in your moving woes. We can probably all find something good, bad, and just plain stressful from our last moving experience, so try and learn from this article and your previous moves, and remember that it will get better eventually!