Low Risk Ideas To Boost Your Home Before Going To Market

If you want to make your home more desirable to a potential buyer, then some small updates and low risk ideas can make a huge difference. But before you even contact a real estate lawyer or your house buying solicitor, spend some time on the following…

First Impressions

It’s not unusual when you’re selling a home to concentrate on the inside of your property, as many of us believe that is it is what the inside looks like that counts. But it is in fact the first impression of your property that counts. A quick, simple but very effective tip is to give your front door a fresh lick of paint. If you’re not very good at painting all you just need to do is head online where you will find many tips and videos to get your started. Our advice is to make sure that you paint your door on a day when it is not likely to rain. Once you’ve painted your front door, update your house number if it’s looking a bit worn. If your doormat has seen better days, replace this with the new doormat. Sweep and tidy the front garden area and any paths, and if you don’t have any planters at either side of your door, it is worth placing something there and have them filled with brightly coloured plants.

Rather than painting the exterior of your property, it may be worth borrowing or hiring a power washer to do an exterior house wash and remove any dirt or mould that may be visible on your property. Contact an affordable window cleaning company to clean your windows if it’s not something that you can do yourself. If your wheelie bin lives at the front of the house, before a viewing hide it as after all, they are unsightly.

Natural Light

When you live in the property it’s very easy to become accustomed to the lighting. Take a step back and look at your home and the lighting within it. If it feels dark and unwelcoming, consider buying a few inexpensive floor and table lamps. Before anybody comes to view your property, switch on your lamps, as the brighter your home feels, the more desirable it will be. If you have curtains which are heavy or dark, swap these for lighter curtains or voiles.

The Garden

There is nothing worse than a garden that is out of control. Remember to mow your lawn regularly and remove any weeds that you can see. Trim any hedges or bushes that you have and purchase some cheap planters to add some interest to your front garden. If you have a shed at the front of your property, don’t forget to give this a lick of paint and the same can be said for any fencing.

Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of your home and therefore it is crucial to ensure that it looks its best when you’re trying to sell your property. Begin by removing all clutter from your surfaces, as well as from the top and insides of your kitchen cupboards. Freshen up your kitchen with a lick of paint; making sure that the colour that you choose is neutral. If the cupboards in your kitchen are looking dated you could also consider giving them a splash of paint. The lighting in your kitchen is also very important and if you have any old-fashioned bulbs, consider replacing these with LED bulbs, which will automatically give your kitchen a modern feel. If you have any old-fashioned curtains or blinds in your kitchen you could change them for white wooden venetian blinds, which are a great alternative as they give the illusion of shutters.

Your Bathroom

You don’t need to think about dropping a great deal of money on your bathroom in order to update it. You could simply tidy up any of the paintwork and update any accessories such as the toilet roll and towel holders. Next, give your bathroom a good clean and remove any dirt or grime which you can do using home-made cleaners, such as a cleaner for hard water spot removal or an all-purpose cleaner using vinegar, baking soda or lemons. Pay particular attention to the grouting and remember to remove any lime scale from your toilets, bath, shower cubicle and basin. It may also be worth updating your toilet seat as these are low risk and inexpensive, yet can really smarten up your bathroom. The same can be said for your showerhead, taps and your shower curtain. To finish your bathroom, spend some money on some nice fluffy towels, a few pieces of artwork and a luxury diffuser to give your bathroom a relaxing, welcoming feel.

Your Living Room

A low risk and cost-effective idea would be to paint your living room to freshen it up. Choose colours that are neutral so that they appeal to all. Use scatter cushions, throws and interesting art artwork to add a splash of colour to your living room. If you feel that you lack space in your living room an inexpensive low-risk tip would be to place a mirror on the wall that is opposite to your window. This will reflect the light and make your living room feel bigger. If your carpets are looking tatty then consider placing a new rug over them. This will be far cheaper than updating the carpets. Finally don’t forget to remove any clutter that you may have in your living room as it may be hard for a buyer to visualise how they would use your living room if it feels cluttered.

It’s easy to see that there are many simple low risk and inexpensive ideas that you can undertake before you put your home on the market, and without having to completely renovate!