How To Score A Great Rental With A Dog

The rental housing market can be extremely competitive and it can be made even harder if you have pet in tow. As we now live in a world where renting is on the increase, rental managers and landlords can now before fussier than ever and state that they do not want to rent the property to a tenant who has pets such as a dog.

However, a good rental property management team can help you to look to find a great rental, even if you have a dog. We will now also provide you with some extra tips on how to get ahead of the competition when it comes to properties for rent and get the perfect place to suit you and your beloved dog.

A Well-Behaved Dog

It probably goes without saying that one of the best ways of getting yourself a great rental if you have a pet dog is by making sure that your dog is well-behaved. Your dog needs to be housetrained, clean, have good manners and be friendly. When you go to view a rental property, it is worth taking your dog along with you so that he can take a look around the property and meet the landlord and show the landlord what a fantastic, well-behaved pet he is. Take time to show the potential landlord how your dog can sit nicely when you want to pet him. Also highlight how your dog is under good control is does not jump around or bark excessively. Finally, by introducing your dog to the landlord you can show the landlord that your dog is well groomed and clean. Ultimately, your dog will be able to show the landlord just how good he is himself.

As well as being able to demonstrate how well behaved your dog is, it is also worth with getting your dog certified as the shows that your dog is safe and friendly and should therefore be welcome anywhere. This highlights that you are also committed to having a pet that is safe. At the end of the day, any landlord will want a dog which does not show signs of aggression and the certificate will demonstrate this is for you, as well as reveal that your dog is well-trained.

Create a Professional Document

If you can create a document, which gives a nice outline as to why you would be great tenant, not only does it stand out amongst other applications, it also shows the landlord that you are serious about their property. Your document could include information such as:

  • Past rental and payment history information – outline that you have always paid on time in the past and also that you have not missed any payments in the past.
  • Provide references above you and your dog – you can ask previous landlords, your dog trainer or your vet to vouch that your dog is well trained, well behaved and will not destroy a property. Provide references for yourself from friends or work colleagues and outline your positive characteristics as a tenant.
  • Credit and work history – Point out the fact that you have a stable job. Highlight how long you have been in your job and that you plan to remain in your job for the foreseeable.
  • Your dog – when it comes to your dog, provide details of any training classes that you have undertaken with your dog and also outline any positive abilities that your dog has. For example, mention that your dog is obedient and well housetrained. Also remember to outline how well mannered and friendly your pet dog is.

Securing the Rental

With a dog or pets in general, many landlords will fear the damage that their property may encounter and for this reason, they may charge you an additional deposit for having a pet.  You need to make sure that you take this into account when it comes to your budget and if necessary, offer a higher deposit for having a pet, if that’s what it takes to secure the rental.At the end of the day you know that your pet will not do any damage potential but a potential landlord does not know you or your pet. This is the reason why you should propose the idea of providing a higher deposit for your pet as this will give your landlord the confidence that you know that your pet will not damage his property. You need to also make sure that you ask your landlord if the deposit for your pet is refundable should you decide to leave the property. This is of course as long as the property is left in a good condition and the only damage is wear or tear related.

Before you move into a property, conduct your own rental inspection by making sure that you look around the property very carefully and note down any damage that you can see in the property. This way you can be sure that any damage does not get blamed on you when you are your pet move out.

When it comes to the terms of your lease, you need to make sure that any terms in your tenancy agreement related to your pet are clear. For example, will the property require carpet steam cleaning once you leave if you have a pet? If you know what expected from the offset, there will be no issues between you and the landlord at the end of your lease. This may sound obvious, but you also need to make sure that your lease explicitly states that pets are actually allowed.

By taking into account all of these tips; you will demonstrate that you are an ideal renter,even if you have a pet. These tips will help you to look committed about getting a rental property and you will be sure to stand out amongst other applicants when it comes to securing a great rental.