5 Must Do’s When You Move Into Your New Home

After all the hullabaloo of securing a new home, moving seems like the easy step. We mean, come on, you’ve made it through the big search, the countless open homes, the offer and property inspections, and all that’s left is to load up your things and move in. Easy, right?

While the stress of getting the home is over, there’s just a few more things you really must do as soon as you move into your new home. We’ve listed five of the main must do’s to not forget about so that you can check them off your list and finally get to the relaxing in your new house that you’ve earned.

  1. Clean like crazy

There will never be a better time than right now to clean your house top to bottom. An empty home means that you can get to all the corners and crevices that have held dirt, mould or other toxic and nasty substances for years. You’ll never get another chance to clean like this!

Make sure you get a professional carpet cleaner in to do your carpets. At the very least, you’ll want to hire a professional machine to do it yourself. Deep cleaning your carpets usually means having to move everything out of the room and leaving it to dry for a couple of days, so now is the perfect time to get this out of the way. Here are some tips for cleaning your carpet yourself if you aren’t keen on spending the money on professionals right away.

The unfortunate truth of moving into a new home means you can’t be sure what happened in the house before you. One vital thing to complete before you move in is to check for any meth contamination, and hire someone to bring in meth cleaning products to make sure your home is substance free. There are many horror stories of families moving in unwittingly to an old meth lab home, so make sure your family is protected by getting the home tested and cleaned.  

Other important things to clean are your appliances, cupboards and closets, and to wash the walls down. Again, these are items you don’t clean often, and mostly because there are things in your cupboards or up on your walls. Take this perfect opportunity to make sure your home is spotless before moving into it.

  1. Update your security

We can’t stress this enough. Making sure you have a new security system for your home is absolutely vital, especially considering you don’t ever really know who lived in the home before you. Simply changing your locks and cutting new keys for the family will put your mind at ease instantly in your new home. You’ll know that no one has a copy of the key except your family.

For the ultimate peace of mind, we also highly recommend looking into a new residential security system for your home. You’ll be the new kid on the block, and potentially targeted by burglars, especially if you aren’t moving everything in one go. It can be scary being in a new home the first few weeks, and a security system will let you sleep without worrying if a window was left open or door unlocked.

  1. Choose your paint colours

Have you ever painted a room with all the furniture in it? Sure, it’s certainly possible, but it’s annoying and takes longer than it should. Avoid all the furniture moving and taking pictures off the wall by painting before you move in if possible. Here are some tips for painting from start to finish.

We know it can be a bit overwhelming to try and choose your colour scheme before you move in, but remember that you can always paint over colours you eventually don’t like. Try and take note of what colours you have in your current home and what you like and don’t like, so you have an idea of what to go for on the new home. For more help choosing the perfect colour, check out this article.

  1. Meet the neighbours

Making a good impression is important in almost any situation, including moving into a new neighbourhood. While many of your neighbours will likely come to you, and if you’re lucky will even bring you a lovely welcoming gift basket, it’s important that you show an effort in return.

If you have any upcoming neighbourhood gatherings, make sure you attend them if possible, as this is the best way to get to know everyone at once. If you have a housewarming party, send your neighbours an invite as well to show goodwill. There’s plenty of other ways to meet and make friends with your neighbours, so get out there and start socialising right from the beginning.  

  1. Get to know the area

Along the same lines as above, you’ll want to get to know the new area you’ve just lived in. Take a walk with your family or pets if you have them, and see what’s in walking distance. Have lunch at the nearby local cafe, and check out your new closest grocery store. Simple things, like running in to grab a carton of eggs can be stressful in a new grocery store, so it’s a good idea to take things slowly and check it out first. Take a test drive to work, or a quick walk to the nearby station if you take public transportation. All of these quick and easy trips will make it easier the first time you actually need to go on them for real.

While there may be a million other little things you forget to do at first, get these out of the way for the least painful move in. If you can nail them down, you’ll be much more comfortable, at ease, and safe in your brand new home.